If you are a newlywed who just wondering whether you can own a home that both comfortable and can balance both work and private time, then the answer is yes. Home office is getting popular these days thanks to its ability to provide comfort for both resting and working place. This time we will tell you some home office ideas for two.

If there are only two of you in the house, you most probably want to keep your house simple but also able to support your work.

  • Shared desk

There are some office desks usually designed for two people or more. You can use this in your house to save space from adding too much desk. This desk is enough to put more than one person work in one place. You can also add some border to keep both separated.

  • Table-racks combination

This design offer you a desk with some racks above it. These racks certainly will help you keep everything tidy without consuming more space. It usually come with more than one rack that make it even better home office ideas for two.

Office in Candlelight finish with crown molding in Recessed Panel Premier profile
  • Open space

You can add some open space where you can work with your laptop while looking at your backyard. This space also offer flexibility as you can use it for other occassion, like evening snack or party.

Some ideas we mentioned above are simple but we can guarantee worth to try.