Decorating your home with flower is a decoration idea that never gets old. There are a lot of way to decorate your beautiful house with flower, from simply have it on vase to create a whole flower garden. The good thing is there is always new idea developing every year, one of that idea is window planter box plans.

This idea is suit for you if you looking for a great outdoor decoration that also can serve as window decoration. One of the biggest advantage of this is you can both enjoy it while you are outside as well as every time you looking out through your window. Another advantage is this idea can help you explore your gardening hobby even with small space.

Here some window planter box plans you can try to achieve a fresh and beautiful window.

  • Farmhouse style

You can try using farmhouse-styled planter box if you want to have a classic rail-and-stail farm-looking decoration.

  • Make it big

If you own a big set of window, don’t ever hesitate to use a big planter box as well.

  • Use wood pallet

If you have unused wooden pallets, you can use to build your planter box.

  • Fenced box

If you have small wooden pallets, then you can make it as fence to your planter box, it gives classic farmhouse look.

Here some window planter box plans that you can try right now to refresh your home with flowery looks.