Kitchen is always a room that deserve a special attention, especially when it comes to decorating-wise. As much as any other room kitchen requires a good lighting for both comfort and help the work. The different is for kitchen the floor lamp is a big no and table lamp seems not working well either, the only choice available are kitchen ceiling lamps.

As we mentioned before, kitchen lamps need to work for comfortable general lighting and special light for working area. This condition is the reason why we definitely need different kind of lighting in the kitchen. Here some type of kitchen ceiling lamps you can try:

1. Can light

This type of lamp usually known as well as recessed light. This lamp usually come with 4-6 inches diameters and suitable for work are of the kitchen. The design usually come with shadow which make it not really good for general lighting. In contrast it offers a focused light as well as beautiful decoration.

2. Track light

This type of lamp installed in the surface side of the ceiling. Individual light comes with fixture where you can move the track easily to places you needed. Not only easy to move, this lamp also can be removed or added if you want to adjust how intense your kitchen lighting will be.

3. Under-cabinet

Unlike the two above, this lamp is placed on your lower side of cabinet. This lamp will be useful if you need a more intense lighting on your cooking board.

That all of our recommendations to create a comfortable lighting for your kitchen.