Door and window are designed to be the connection between the entire house and outside, but sometimes it can be tricky for your privacy. That’s why door window shades or commonly known as the blinds are needed to ensure you have a beautiful door and windows while maintaining your private life.

Here some popular door window shades that not only ensure your privacy but also enhance the beauty of your doors and windows.

`1. Wood blinds

This type of blinds goes well with your natural or simple themed room. Wooden-colored shade is ensure you to have full privacy and simplicity in looks. It also can be tilted to adjust how much outside light you want for your room.

2. Cellular blinds

It made of some special fabrics that can be used to filter or even block the light from outside. It has slim design that make it fit right into your door or window but still fully shading them. It usually comes in soft and metallic colors that suit your modern-styled room

3. Aluminum blinds

This type of blinds made from lightweight aluminum which give you half blind shade. It offer a great durability and can be easily cleaned, suitable to be placed in a frequently used entrance.

4. Roller shades

This type of blinds are fit right behind any door or windows. It can be rolled to open up the shade. This type of shade come with many colors and patterns that can be suit almost every decoration themes.

There are actually very much type of shades we haven’t mentioned, but the four above are proven to be the most love ones.